The Ties That Bind: With Pin-Up Girls!

If I were a dude, it’s highly unlikely that I’d have a job that I had to wear a tie to. But if I did — or, really, if I had any occasion to wear a tie — I would probably want to rock one like this, by Miss Feeny, with a pin-up girl on the flip side.

How adorable? I’m sure someone slightly more creative could think of a way to repurpose these ties for women, too, other than just throwing it around your neck (although that works, too). I can’t, so I will just admire them from afar.

Miss Feeny’s, $85

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    • Papa Geek

      Yikes! Agreed that it’s a playful idea and could get a few saucy winks from the ladies, but $85 is a bit steep for a tie!

    • hannahbeth

      For a nice tie, $85 doesn’t seem like too much. Not nearly as costly as losing your job for MASTURBATING IN THE WORK BATHROOM! Why else would a man need that pin up girl secretly hidden in his tie?

    • Papa Geek

      Since the pinup girl isn’t even naked I’d say it’s probably not going to make a guy go spank it at work?

      I think it’s more like a fun little secret that only you know about, like wearing a thong or a pair of silk boxers that say “sex machine” or something.