Vote For The Worst Oscar Dresses Ever

These dresses were chosen on a very scientific basis, namely, I think they’re all really fugly. Vote for your favorite (or tell me I make bad choices).

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    • Jape

      Demi Moore with a bullet! The girdle/bike shorts threatens cameltoe; she wrapped bad Marriott upholstery around her hips; patched some lace over her bazooms; and then added long sleeves. Quelle fright!

    • epilonious

      “Hilary Swank shooting taffeta out of her ladybits” goes in the queue of all-time favorite phrases, alongside “Hillbilly Bajingo Wash”

    • Hana

      Oh gosh, I can’t choose! They’re all equally hideous!

    • ManicD

      I’d have to go with Demi, hers look like a pair of cut-off jeans and the top half of a strippers garb, that is not to say she runs away with the prize. Geena Davis….well I don’t quite know WHAT to say, except maybe “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” Kim looks as if she’d been molested on her way to her wedding…..wait…she was still married to Alec Baldwin then, I think, and THAT would explain the look. She probably was etc etc. Whoopie…..what can one say? ‘THE PUNISHMENT FITS THE CRIME???” Sally Kirkland? She looks as if she’s reprising the roll of the “Wicked Witch” from Wizard of Oz….so the dress kinda fits. Hillary Swank looks as if she emerged from her dressing room in her slip ONLY, but she looks bad in everything anyway. Kate Hudsons dress would in MOST ANY OTHER contest be good…or should I say, bad enough to win, hands down, but after looking at those preceeding her….her dress ALMOST looks good

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    • springchicken

      Whoopi’s dress would get it if it was anyone other than Whoopi wearing it. For me she’s in a kind of a Helena Bonham Carter catagory of wacky dressing, so she gets a pass. Therefore, Demi all the way.

    • Meghan

      Somehow, it’s Sally Kirkland’s dangerously close to escaping breasts that terrify me the most about that outfit. Which I would not have suspected from first glance.