Top 5 Oscar Wardrobe Malfunctions

When I first saw the advertisement for James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars – wherein he flings a curtain over her screaming “wardrobe malfunction!” I thought “God, it seems like Anne Hathaway and James Franco are on the most awkward first date ever.” And then I thought “wait, there are no nipple slips at the Oscars. That’s a Superbowl thing.” And then I was wrong. Here are the top five. (This year, I’m betting on Paz de la Huerta).

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    • Eigir

      What is it with Americans and nipples since you are all hysterical about them? A nipple is a nipple, and a natural part of the body. End of story.

      Hehe… but is is quite fun to watch your reaction though. A movie with massive amount of blood or even a decapitation, seems to be ok. But if they show a nipple… then it is a national crisis and the movie has to be burned and buried,,, or at least be X-rated.

      Here in Europe we just lean back and smile, knowing that you one day will grow up. :)

      • Sendra

        Exactly! The superbowl thing was soo ridiculous and I still can’t understand the problem with it :D

      • D

        And we sit back and smile knowing that without us you’d be making that comment in German.

      • Ireri

        That was the most condescending thing I’ve read on the Internet today. Congratulations.

    • Eigir

      …was just a matter of time before the “speak German”-comment came… as expected (sooo predictable). History seems to be a subject they skip at school in the U.S. :)

      But let me make a comment with the same clueless attitude: Without USA the world would be a peaceful place with much less terrorism. :) Hehe… best way to distract an american? Hey look… a nipple… ;)

      • Amanda

        Ugh how I dislike Europeans…(sooo pretentious)….

        But I won’t go on, because that has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual article. And off-topic comments are annoying.

    • Lisa

      What Paz Vega is “saying” is hilarious. Although to me, Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress seems to be nude colored, not transparent. I guess in the Gloss’s eyes, she didn’t quite pull it off?

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