Are We Popping The Pus Pockets In Our Mouths Now?

Here are some things I am okay with popping:

Soap Bubbles
In on people
Bags of chips

Here is pretty much the one thing in the world I’m not okay with popping:

The pus pockets inside your mouth.

So, now that is in. We are doing this. We are sitting around, stabbing the inside of our mouths with cotton swabs to…why? Why? Oh, because you might inadvertently burst one while kissing, and then the person you’re kissing will think you have bad breath. Because their tongue will be covered in pus. So now I can’t kiss anyone, ever, and I have to sit around cotton swabbing the inside of my mouth, looking for pus pockets that I didn’t even know I had. I hate the world, and especially, the tonsil stone webpage. That’s all.

via TheFrisky, Tonsil Stones

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    • K

      I REALLY hope you’re not popping them like zits. Way, way, sick. Gross. Ew.

      It’s better to remove them by applying pressure underneath with a q-tip, and it should remove itself from the crypt in your tonsil, ONTO the q-tip. That way you can lift it out of your mouth without getting calcified pus all over your tongue. Once my roommate and I discovered we had them, we started looking for ways to remove them without making giant messes in our mouths.

    • CurlySarah29

      Waaaaaiiiit… why do you have pus pockets in your mouth?? Does everyone have them??

    • Michele

      i thought i was the only one with these annoying stones!! they are so annoying, i always feel like i have something stuck in my throat. also, i have never looked to see if i have any white stuff on my tonsils though, i just have these little white bits in my mouth sometimes when i wake up that smell soooooo bad. i am looking for ways to stop this, any tips?

    • Danielle

      Hi Everyone,

      I acquired these annoying assholes in the back of my mouth 10 years ago when I suddenly developed chronic tonsillitis. I was so freaked that I immediately scheduled myself for a tonsillectomy. While I was waiting for the surgery date to come up I did research on adult tonsillectomies and boy am I glad I didn’t go through with the surgery. I found out that the surgery is worse than the tonsillitis itself.

      It’s pretty simple to keep those nasty fuckers at bay. Keep your sinuses clear. I use a netti pot every morning. And keep your mouth clean. Use a professional electric toothbrush daily, floss everyday, and scrape your tongue several times a day, use non-alcoholic mouthwash daily. Also, schedule a professional dental cleaning twice a year.

      This regimen has significantly reduced the production of that crap. I only have to do a q-tip cleaning every once in a while.

    • CurlySarah29

      Yeah, what you’re talking about is different than what they’re mentioning – those things you have – they come out of your mouth, right? Like little white-yellow chunks? I know what you’re talking about… I found this article on google about them. Not sure how accurate it is:

    • Jamie

      Okay, like every other reader, I immediately went to a mirror and aimed a flashlight to see if I had these. I didn’t, and I still don’t understand what they are. But now I’m extremely paranoid, and I assume I hate that website as well.

    • Kelly


      Seriously about to throw up here.

    • Kimber

      I’ve had this problem since I was 14. It’s been going on for EIGHT years now were I continuously scrap out the pus with the tip of a bobby pin [ I use a really long bobby pin, not the normal size.] I have to do this about every two days….. that’s no joke the puss forms so fast I have to scrap it out every two days or LESS!

      I told my dad about it when I was 14, and he said that, “I was just fighting off an infection.” Ummm yeah for 8 years?! No, their has to be something wrong. I’ve spoke about this to many people and no one can relate. Even my dentist had no idea what to say and he looks in mouths all day long.

      Please help, what is this?

      Everytime I look up about this it just talks about sore throat, fever, muscle aches, lethargy and swollen glands on either side of the neck.

      No, I don’t have any of that just puss ALWAYS in the back of my mouth.

      • embarrased

        I know what you’re talking about I have asked my family doc, ear nose and throat doc, he said it was caused from allergies. I’ve been using allergies pills sprays and still have pus pockets. Nobody in the medical field I’ve talked to know what they are. It scared me too, I thought I must be the only one if nobody knows what they are. Someone must know what causes them and how to eradicate them. It may be glandular because my glands feel swollen and my throat is irritated. So, I guess it could be allergies, never had allergies before.