Good Reasons To Hate Yourself

This month Elle magazine’s cover boasts “The Real Reason You Hate Your Looks!” The article examines one woman’s internal “fear and loathing” (she has wrinkles, is sad). I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the self-loathing has something to do with there not being enough women’s baseball teams in New York, and you can cure it with Botox. I think maybe we’re losing perspective on why you should or should not hate yourself. So I made you some charts! If you’re ever wondering “should I hate myself for this?” you can just consult these. Here are some good reasons to hate yourself:

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    • Hilde

      Hilarious! Thanks for making this list. Now I know I should turn down the Bigot cocktail if I ever get offered one in a bar… and always check the fridge for whipped cream.


    • CurlySarah29

      Or if you’re the governor of Wisconsin right now. If you are, you should hate yourself too.

    • Gabbi

      Oh come on, is this a joke? I qualify for all of those! Quit hating me on the internet, please.

    • Hayley

      Great article Jen! My personal “hate on myself” would be forgetting to dislike my looks almost every day. According to elle, that is. Wrinkles are, after all, very sad.

    • elle

      Honestly, Who forgets they have whipped cream? Probably women with wrinkles. Why do we continue to allow them to exist?!