Poll: Would You Wear Diamond-Encrusted Eyelashes?

Little known fact: to match one of her first Oscar gowns, Anne Hathaway rocked fake eyelashes with little crystals at the base.

Soooo. I think it’s kind of fun and glittery without actually wearing glitter, which of course we can’t do at the Academy Awards. I have never worn fake eyelashes in my life, though, and I’m not about to start, so I would not ever put these on. But if I were the type of person who did wear fake eyelashes, I think I’d go ahead and purchase something like this.

What about you?

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    • K

      Maybe if I was a Lady of the Night.

    • Rose

      Dude, diamonds are sparkly and beautiful. I would pretty much wear diamond encrusted anything. Except maybe a tampon. Or contact lenses.

    • Laura

      The only excuse for wearing these is that you are a drag queen.

    • Nessy

      Once I dressed up as Marylin Monroe and had these OMFGAmazing false eyelashes. These would have been better.