Bad Reasons To Hate Yourself

Inspired by the Elle article on one woman’s self loathing (she has wrinkles, very sad) we’ve already come up with some really good reasons to hate yourself. Here are some really bad reasons to hate yourself.

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    • Lindsey

      That’s not Christina Hendricks without make-up, this is:

    • Carolyn


    • Corissia

      Definitely not Christina Hendricks, her teeth aren’t that perfect. (perfectly fine for her, but not as straight as this girl’s) Plus her face is not the right shape.

    • Eileen

      I think the 80 is kilograms…the 13 is probably stone (14 pounds apiece; the British are into them). So the full-grown man feet belong to someone weighing about 180 pounds, which is a bit more normal.

    • teenie

      I love you guys, this article made me smile.

    • Colton langford

      so what youre is i should hate myself if im short :’( i new i deserved to be hated