Video: This Is What An Anti-Feminist Looks Like

They wear pearls and blue eyeshadow! And are bi-sexual! And like choices! And have conflicted feelings about aboritions, but believe it really depends on the situation!

I don’t want to spoil her worldview, but she sounds suspiciously like a feminist. A feminist who has some trouble with words and believes lesbians are always worrying about getting abortions. But I was raised in a computer programming plant, which probably explains why I spend all day cuddling this laptop as though it is my own child.

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    • Katie

      I think I was just brainwashed by this music.

    • springchicken

      AHHHH! The music. Reminds me of the music they play right before someone discovers a dead body in a horror movie.

    • Maris

      I will personally pay for this girl to take a women’s studies or biomedical ethics course.

    • Kristen

      WHAT!??!!? My brain hurts…I had better go get in a fist fight with my husband and spew “drunken sailor-like” vocabulary so that I can get my feminist fix….One more question…Do you think her Mother/Sister knows she is wearing her wedding dress?

    • audrey

      I don’t give a shit about any of that. The only thing I care about in this moment is that there is another person out there who cuddles w/ their laptop like their laptop is a person.

      I actually told an old girlfriend once that I was pretending the laptop was her b/c it was warm, small, and made funny noises.

    • Rosie

      She keeps trying to say that “femininity” is all things soft and gentle, sweet, good, nice, positive, etc. So then, are all things male: negative, loud, boisterous, dirty, mean, violent, etc? Thanks for insinuating that men all swear like drunken sailors, sleep around, and get into fist fights. She has a lot of repressed anger towards men under that blue eyeshadow and white lace.

    • Rebecca

      Thank you so much for sharing this – I suddenly feel much more confident about my anthropology of gender midterm, which I’m taking in half an hour. I’ll be sure to cite her since she knows it all!

      I’ll be sure to play the music at my professor to brainwash her into giving me an A too! *cackles*

    • Jen

      Fool Ass Ho

    • Annie

      I can’t bear to listen to semi-retarded Canadian children with speech impediments, nor can I bear to watch them play with Mommy’s makeup. Oh, and watch them shit on Mommy’s ideals. Stupid, stupid stupid.

    • Lauren

      Is she aware that a lot of feminists support the role of a mother housewife and femininity? Is she aware that the only thing I want as a feminist is an alternative choice, emphasis on the term choice? I doubt it.

    • oja

      “a.k.a. also know as….”

    • sally

      poor sad little ignoramus

    • Hayley

      She….she…well. Uh…. ummm. Yeah. What just happened there? I feel stupider for having watched that. I think she leeched my brain!

    • betsy

      dear god, that was scary. that music was awful. and so was that eyeshadow. and that gap in her teeth.

      she made my head hurt. somebody please get her to a gender studies class quickly.

    • Cobalt

      Feminists are retarded.

      That’s all you need to know about feminists.

      • Carascrows

        That’s not a nice way to reference yourself.

    • Ashley

      Is her arm okay? It seemed to fused to her hip the entire time. The whole video I just kept watching it and wondering if it would break free in the next unflattering angle. Poor thing. it must take her forever to keep moving and balancing the camera in new places with just one hand. So sad.

    • Nissim Levy

      I believe that a woman should have equal pay for equal work and equal opportunities to enter any career based on her skills and talents. I don’t, however, subscribe to the militant Feminist philosophy that there are no differences between men and women beyond the obvious physical differences. Women do want, in general, a man who takes charge and gets things done. Men, in general, want a feminine and nurturing woman.