Shopping Guide: 18 Pairs of Cropped Pants & Jeans For Your Spring Wardrobe

All of these Fall 2011 New York/London/Milan Fashion Weeks (and their subsequent coverage) have almost got us forgetting that the next season up to bat is actually Spring! So, here’s some lightweight, versatile cropped pants (or varying lengths and kinds) to have you looking chic and effortless as it gets a little warmer. We’ve got some pretty neutrals, some denim, and a pop of brilliant blue for the more daring, from $90 to $595.

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    • oja

      I don’t care what fashion says; cropped pants worn with flat shoes just makes your legs look shorter and stubbier and that is never a good thing no matter how tall you are.
      So this is another “hot” spring trend I’ll be takinga pass on.
      Throw it on the pile with the rompers and the cork sandals… I DEFY THEE FASHION!!!

      • jordan

        I agree, if you have short legs, the cropped pant just does NOT work!!

      • PlatypusShankie

        Agreed. Unless, of course, you are one of the models pictured. Which I am pretty sure have had their legs photo shopped to be longer than is humanly possible.