Bridesmaid Duties From Hell: Kate Middleton’s Wedding

Ah, the wonders of being a bridesmaid. You get to pay for the bridal shower, plan the bachelorette party, carry the bouquet while your friend says her vows, and do her bridal bidding for about a year. But you do it with a smile, because you love her.

However. What would you do if your friend was one Kate Middleton, marrying into royalty? Would your bridesmaid duties include learning the appropriate code of conduct for royal weddings? Here’s what Kate’s to-date right hand woman has been doing so far, according to

“Lately, Kate’s been getting help from Helen Asprey, an assistant in Prince William and Prince Harry’s office who was on hand for Kate’s first joint engagements with William in Anglesey and St. Andrews last week.

While Kate got down to the business of royal duty, Helen played the role of all-around helper, carrying flowers that people handed to Kate and attending to whatever needs the future princess may have had.”

There’s speculation that Asprey will be Kate’s maid of honor — or, in England, lady-in-waiting — rather than her sister, Pippa, since Asprey is already in the know about the royal customs. That’s probably good, because it sounds like she’s more of a personal assistant then a bridesmaid, and assigning that kind of work to her sister could make for tense familial relations in years to come.

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    • porkchop

      I kind of like making your PA a bridesmaid. Normally, the English royal family irritates me, but I think they are on to something, including servants and their families in the wedding party. Your maid of honor acts a lot like your PA anyway (planning your gatherings, helping you with all your crap, keeping people from annoying you). If you already HAVE servants, you may as well use them so your friends can just hang out and relax, and pick their own outfits.

    • Kate Middleton

      looking so cute