Britney Spears On ‘V’ Magazine: Is This How Britney Looks Now?

Britney Spears is sunkissed and kind of unrecognizable on V‘s 70th issue. She was styled by Panos Yiapanis and lensed by superstar Mario Testino.

What do you think? Is this some intense Photoshop fuckery or is Britney actually back?

(via Design Scene)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      First, one of her legs definitely looks Photoshopped to me. I’m not normally good at pointing these things out, but still.

      Second, is there a reason that every picture I see of her lately has half of her face obscured by hair?

    • springchicken

      Photoshop! Look at her left leg, yeesh! I don’t care how much yoga you do, legs don’t go that way.

    • Goldie

      meh, I think it’s a believable pose. So much of her body is covered or obscured by the effects– why would they go to the trouble of distorting her left leg into an impossible position? It’s hard to cry “photoshop” when they’re so obviously going for a certain aesthetic effect.
      I do agree though, that they’ve made her look generic and unrecognizable. The hair in the face isn’t helping.

      • Goldie

        actually, I take that back about the leg (sort of). You can see near her hand the faint line where her thigh actually ends, then it suddenly slims down. I can’t tell though if this is just part of the effect or it it’s purposefully skinny-fied, but that’s probably what’s making it look so weird.

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