Poll: Would You Buy a Wedding Dress from Costco?

There’s something a little…unromantic about buying a wedding dress at the same place you might buy bulk quantities of Cheez-Its. Also, it seems a little too likely that you’d dirty up the dress as you ventured forth into the store to eat all the samples.

But as is often the case, someone out there disagrees with me, and I know this because designer Kirstie Kelly is set to launch her first ever collaboration with the store, starting in Los Angeles and San Bernadino this week.

The biggest incentive to shop here, in my opinion, is that the collection will feature sizes ranging from 2 to 24, which means that brides of all sizes will be able to see what their dress is going to look like. A significant bonus.

Anyway, what do you think?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Lisa

      For me, it’s more the feeling that a corporation is getting into my personal life that I want to avoid.

    • BK

      I just feel like .. it’s your WEDDING DRESS for Christ’s sake. There have to be ways to save as much money on your dress while making you feel wayyy more special than buying a dress from Costco.

    • Eileen

      Why does buying a dress from Costco not make you feel special? A beautiful dress that fits you right and that doesn’t cost too much, that you wear for the day you GET MARRIED, should make you feel as special as you possibly can. No one’s saying you HAVE to buy your dress at Costco, but why not consider it?

      I’m pretty sure my mom will make my wedding dress since she’s done a great job making others in the past, but if I didn’t have a sewer in the family you can bet I’d be checking out anything with nice dresses.

    • Elizabeth

      I love love love Costco, but not enough to purchase my wedding dress at … unless they they carried Lhuillier, Wang, Herrera! Cookie cutter dresses like those sold at Davids Bridal are not my style, however for some brides-to-be it perhaps it will enable them to obtain a nice dress at an affordable price.

      To each her own!

    • Leah

      Wait, does Costco sell anything OTHER than Cheez-its in bulk?

    • Lucinda

      If I weren’t already married, I would. It’d be a one -stop shop. Pick up a dress for the ceremony, food for the reception, and a giant box of condoms for the honeymoon :)

    • Nessy

      They also sell coffins. Just sayin.’

    • Frey