See Crystal Renn In a Swimsuit For The J. Crew Catalogue

For the haters, lovers, debaters: the formerly plus-size but not quite straight size and beautiful all over Crystal Renn is now modeling swimsuits for the J. Crew catalogue. And she looks amazing.

I know her weight loss is a huge disappointment to some supporters of fashion diversity, but Renn is radiant here and (unfortunate though it may be) her not-skeletal figure still represents a major shift in what makes a top model.

Though perhaps they aren’t quite ready to put her in a bikini (why not?), she embodies a fit, glowing kind of beauty that all clients–couture houses or commercial brands–would do well to employ.

(via The Cut)

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    • springchicken

      She looks lovely. I DIED over the swimsuit shoot she did for Glamour a couple of years ago, they put her in a bikini in that one.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Wait! Is that the one with… hm, Brooklyn Decker and maybe Alessandro Ambrosio…?

      • SpringChicken

        Oh that one too! But no, I’m thinking of one a while before that. I didn’t even know who she was back then but they just featured her in a swimsuit pictorial without saying a WORD about her being ‘plus sized’ or ‘curvy’ or any of that mess. I’ve never respected Glamour more.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        That’s the dream right? That magazines will feature models of different sizes without GIANT SELF-CONGRATULATING HEADLINES just in case we didn’t understand their progressiveness.

    • marissa

      they did, that is one of my favorite spreads…she looked fantastic.

    • Eileen

      She looks fine, but I’m really not into that red and white striped bathing suit. It’s not very attractive and does nothing for her.