What Is This Model Wearing At Balenciaga? Do You Know?

So. I just checked out the Balenciaga show and it’s… strange. Or, not my favorite work by the enormously talented Nicholas Ghesquière. But while I ruminate on the Fall 2011 collection, would you kindly have a look at this thing and tell me what it is?

Here are my ideas:

-A scarf woven from PVC rope?
-A vest made of bubble wrap?
-Nothing else.

And what’d you think of the collection, while you’re at it?

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    • Jennifer Wright

      Inflatable life raft airplane adventure wheeeeeee.

    • Kristen


    • porkchop

      It looks like some kind of flexible tubing… knitted… on pool cues? I bet this was fun to make.

    • Sorcha

      Its a mixed leather vest