Fashion Disasters: Taylor Momsen’s Latest Horrible Outfit

“I like to write poetry about, like, the emptiness of life. Like, about existence. You know, everything you see, everyone you know, it’s just, like, bullshit. Life has no, like, meaning. It’s like, I don’t know, have you read The Stranger? It’s about how, like, you could just kill anyone whenever you wanted because it doesn’t matter. Because life doesn’t, like, mean anything. Like, fuck it, you know? I don’t believe in anything. I wish my fucking Mom would get home so I can take the car. God.”

(photo via The Daily Mail)

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    • Danielle

      No pants, huh?

    • Imogen

      Is this post supposed to be funny?

    • Gabriela

      Can you imagine how incredibly mortified she’s gonna be in 10 years?? SO MUNDANE.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        If she’s at all reasonable, she will probably look back and sigh deeply.

      • porkchop

        I don’t know. When I look back, I kind of wish I had dressed like taht

    • Danielle….

      i like it.

    • thestugatz

      Taylor is stone cold HOT. U effin rock Tay