• Fri, Mar 4 2011

This Is What A ‘Luxury’ Ugg Boot Looks Like

Purveyors of countless sweaty boots to pair with countless velour sweatsuits, Australian brand Ugg is launching an “upscale” collection, entitled Ugg Collection by Ugg Australia.

It’s a 30 piece line of shoes and handbags, the idea being to “harness the comfort of Ugg Australia in more upscale designs, with booties, stacked wedges and knee-high leather boots.”

Pictured above is VP of product Leah Larson, who told WWD, “A lot of our customers carry their designer handbag with the [Ugg Australia] classic boot, so we thought, Let’s give them something else that they can wear and still feel good [in]. We’ve been known for quality, and we took that and put it into a couture fashion line.”

…Apologies for nitpicking, but doesn’t ‘couture’ mean something custom, made for someone specifically? I thought the term was meant to convey that an item originates from an extremely limited run of highly detailed, hand-made pieces?

The prices may imply as much: they range from $500 to $1,195.

Will you be lining up for Ugg Collection?

(Photo via WWD)

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  • http://www.thirty-things.blogspot.com springchicken

    Hell to the no. You can get Manolos, Jimmy Choos, etc for that price. And I HATES it when people use couture improperly.

  • Ellen W.

    I thought the point was that Uggs were comfy? How are 5″ heels comfy?

  • Ms. Pants

    So it looks like a high heeled mary jane shoe, with a giant ugly sculpture ock stuffed in it, and then a stupid sock suspender.

    They need to rename the company Fuggs. And then please go out of business.

  • Jamie

    Huh. That is really unattractive. Not surprised.