What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Your Body? (Bugs Under Skin)

Okay, it’s obviously this. I dare you to top it. I dare you. - Jennifer Zwick

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    • G

      There’s a form of torture/death where they sit you on a tall pole that is thin but not pointy enough to immediately impale you. They sit you on it and over hours and hours the pole slowly impales you through the ass. I think…thats pretty close to bugs hatching under your skin. …I don’t think I like this game.

    • A

      There was this film where they would stick needles underneath prostitutes finger nails and in their gums as a form or torture so they wouldn’t leave any visible marks on their skin. Cuz you know, no one wants to sleep with a beat up hooker…..yeah this game isn’t very nice at all 8(

    • Jennifer Wright

      I really hate that I started this game. But since we’re playing now! In the 16th century they used to place a bowl filled with rats on the stomach of a prisoner and the rats would attempt to escape by gnawing through the prisoner’s bowels. Fun fact!