Would You Wear This Apple Headband?

This picture is from the New York Times Style section, in a slideshow about ’80s-inspired fashion (NYT is always so on top of the trends…).

I don’t really do the whole ’80s thing, mostly because I’m old enough to be embarrassed about things I wore in that decade the first time around. But I wonder, whether you like to invoke Molly Ringwald or not — would you wear this apple headband?

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    • Sendra

      Maybe I would. It is sweet ;) But only on special occasions with people around that understand that fashion can be to have some oversized fruits in your head.

    • anonymous

      actually, i think it’s a cherry headband!

    • HannahBeth

      If Carmen Miranda were a modern porn star, she’d wear it.
      I think it looks dumb, and like it would definitely hit the ceiling of the car when you’re getting out. Also, she is very short.

    • Ms. Pants

      Looks like cherries to me, which does not change my mind that this headband is batshit crazy.