Poll: If You Were Famous at Age 18, Would You Have Gone to College?

News has recently broken that Emma Watson will be taking some time off from Brown University to focus on her career. On her website, she writes that:

“I love studying pretty much more than anything but recently I’ve had so much to juggle that being a student AND fulfilling my other commitments has become a little impossible.”

Her decision isn’t that surprising — I, like most of you, have always been incredibly impressed by young women and men who choose to put on hold careers that earn them multiple millions of dollars in order to better themselves intellectually. I can only imagine that after a certain point, what with Burberry campaigns to star in and blockbuster films to promote, school would begin to seem a bit…pedestrian.

In other words, I would have taken the money. No question, I’m sorry to say. When I was 18, I would have gone for the glory, and I would probably be one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses by now.

What about you?

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    • Kayla

      I’d skip college. If I already had a career and was making a ton of money why would I go? Assuming I had been smart with my money I could go to college later on when my acting career had started to fizzle out and not have to worry about paying college loans and what not.

      • Taylor

        She does not have to worry about paying college loans or the rest of the expenses that come with college, even this early in her career. Seriously.

    • Eileen

      According to a friend of a friend who goes to Brown, one time she was in discussion section and the TA called on her. Like the good student she apparently is, she answered the question correctly – and someone in the back called out “Ten points for Gryffindor!” causing everyone, including the TA, to laugh.

      So while she may love studying and be going to school for pleasure, not career hopes, maybe it’s just not quite the place for her at the moment.

      • Lauren

        That was in a magazine. She told an interviewer that. I think it was Marie Claire a few months back.

    • Leah

      I’d like to say “of course I’d go to college! Fame doesn’t last forever, and I’d need an education! And learning is fun!” but honestly, 18 year old me wouldn’t have done that. I would have skipped college completely and bought a house with a water slide that went from my bedroom to a pool.

    • Fatwetdog

      Hmm… maybe. Roles for 18-22 year olds don’t seem to be as good as roles for under 18 and 22+, so maybe you could avoid an embarrassing “Lost in Europe” or “Stabbed by Crazy Person” movie or two, go to college and get some “smart girl” cred, and then reemerge a beautiful romcom/costume drama butterfly.

    • ellie

      I wouldn’t have gone. The more time I spend in college the more I think it’s mainly for the degree certificate rather than the actual knowledge gained and later used, which could be learnt in a far shorter time through on the job training, and a lot of actually really useless filler could be eliminated.

    • Michele

      hell to the no! having just finished college, i would have LOVED to skip college and just be famous. most people go to college because having a degree will get you a better job, so you are more financially stable than someone who only has a high school diploma. some people will say that its all about the education for them and while that may be true, its not the reason the majority of people go to college. it all comes down to money.
      however, i must say that i am very impressed with famous people that choose to go to college. they really dont have to but they do. and the ones that do usually go major in something that they can apply to their career ala the perfection that is james franco.