5 Things Worth Splurging On

Recently, I’ve had a revelation. I’ve never been one to splurge on fashion –spending several hundred dollars on one item that will eventually go out of style literally gives me an adverse physical reaction.

But I’ve changed my tune a bit lately, at least in theory — there are some things that deserve a splurge, and those are the things that you wear every day.

“But this is common knowledge, Jessica,” you might be thinking. And that might be true (actually, if it is true I’ve never heard it before, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be), but common knowledge — like common sense — really doesn’t matter until it finally becomes something that’s applicable to your own life.

Anyway, to that end, here are 5 things I’m thinking about splurging on.

  1. A handbag. Maybe this one.
  2. Glasses frames.
  3. A heavy coat, for when it drops below 70 degrees in LA.
  4. Leather boots.
  5. A car. (Seriously).

What about you? What do you splurge on?

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    • K

      I agree with you on the car. You’re spending x amount of time each day in it, you should be enjoying it!

      I disagree on the boots though. I prefer having loads of boots which look pretty but are only so-so quality rather than 1 pair of very nice, very high quality boots.
      I find that rotating 4-5 pairs of medium quality boots keeps them fresh and good looking for far longer than if I rotated 2 pairs of good boots.

    • Megan

      I am with you on the purse–but rather than save up for one oh-so-amazing Kooba or Burberry, I tend to rotate several by Kate Spade, Coach, Tory Burch–you know, not cheap, but not Ferragamo territory, either. That way I have a few very nice bags as opposed to one that I guard with my life.

      And I splurge on my pantry and bar. Good balsamic vinegar for organic strawberries? Amazing. Being able to make just about any drink someone can ask for? Awesome.

    • Lindsay Cross

      My husband and I had a long talk when we were engaged about how we spend our money and what we wanted to spend our disposable income on. We both agreed that we’d be happy to forgo super-expensive cars or hi-tech electronics, as long as we got to travel. So everytime he talks about new iPhones or a brand new Jeep, I start describing all the places we want to see. And whenever I get wistful about expensive footwear, he reminds me that I want to visit Brazil sometime soon.

    • Goldie

      I agree with everything except for the handbag. Maybe just because I’m not a big handbag person. I’d probably put bra on that list instead.

    • Casey

      I’d include jeans on my list. It gets cold where I live, so long pants are necessary for about 6 months out of the year. And as a college student, I wear jeans almost every day. It’s something I’ll allow myself to spend a few extra bucks on. Not to mention, a good pair of jeans does wonders for the confidence.

    • Colleen

      I completely agree with glasses frames–if you wear them every day, you might as well have GREAT ones that you LOVE, no matter what the cost.

      I’d also add bras to that list–a good bra gives you support and confidence, makes your waist look slimmer, and will hopefully prevent you from having waist boobs when you are older.

      I never used to think that a good handbag was something to spend money on, but after my first Matt & Nat handbag, I see the value. It wasn’t super-expensive, but a bigger investment than my previous $30 ones, and has lasted me about 5 times as long…and still gets me a load of compliments (people do not compliment WalMart bags…LOL).

      I also “splurge” on my beauty products. I don’t spend much on makeup or hair goop, but I do invest in quality cleanser & moisturizer, as well as great shampoo & conditioner.