Gallery: 18 Awful and Absurd Examples Of Midriff-Baring

Earlier, we brought you a poll about belly button showing and I took a stand by claiming that belly buttons have no place off the beach. Here’s a gallery showcasing some of the more regrettable moments in midriff baring, but believe me: the deluge of bad belly button-related ideas was astounding and I may have to do a separate gallery of evening wear only. Ugh.

[Ed. Note: It occurs to me now that same of you may want to actually view the performance in which A.J. McLean wears his preposterous belly shirt. I warned you.]

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    • Nessy

      Please, please tell me that is a shadow above Kelly Pickler’s skirt.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        OH GOD! I’m not the only one who noticed that!

    • That’s really her pube

      That’s really her VAGINA HAIR LOL

    • Frey

      LOL oh God! thats disgusting Pickler.

      Aaaaand i remember watching BSB at the MTV awards and thinking that AJ’s crop top was also disgusting! unbearable!

    • Tobi

      LOL. I really do think that’s a shadow, but it’s still hilarious.

    • Michele

      LOL! i hated when aj would wear those crop tops! if i remember correctly, this mtv awards wasnt the only time he wore them.

    • Cheryl

      No joke, I followed that link and my computer froze as soon as AJ took off his jacket. I feel like it was a passive aggressive protest against poor taste.