• Tue, Mar 8 2011

Gallery: 15 Extremely Stylish Man Bands

Over at Fashion Indie last week they offered a gallery of the most stylish man bands of all time. They were spot-on with many (the Stones, Outkast) but it’s a surprisingly tricky prompt to come up with all-male bands known for their striking and original style (for example, the Velvet Underground are eliminated due to Mo Tucker having girl parts). And, for some of Fashion Indie’s picks, I’ll have to respectfully disagree (I never thought of Led Zeppelin as “stylish” so much as “hippies”). So, TheGloss has put together some supplemental material. Whether mod, glam, dorky or kitschy, here’s a gallery of man-bands with amazing looks.

Who’d I miss?

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  • Ms. Pants

    You put the Stone Roses in here. This means you have earned my undying love forever and ever amen.

  • Kate

    The Strokes no?

    • Jennifer Wright

      The Strokes! The strokes!

  • Taffy

    Some Roxy Music in there would have made my day.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      The realization of this omission will (actually) haunt me. Tempted to update.

  • Venus in Furs

    No Clash? What?!

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Never fear, Venus. Fashion Indie included The Clash in their list (linked to in the article). My list was supposed to be supplemental to their, otherwise every slide would have just been Keith Richards.