Poll: Blake Lively vs. Florence Welch In Chanel

Chanel feted Blake Lively on Saturday and a bunch of well-dressed people attended. Since every single fashion designer of all time ever (and Anna Wintour) thinks Blake Lively is the greatest thing since flavored water, I’m just going to bow out and say I must not have any understanding of her and her fashion choices. Florence Welch (of “and the Machine”) also attended in a gothy Chanel dress. Who do you think looked more stylish that evening?

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    • Kelly

      I totally agree. The Lively love totally befuddles me. It’s not even that I am necessarily against the actual outfits (if I imagine her getup on other stars I “get” it more) but they never look right on HER. She looks purely like a laid-back California girl who should be in some cutoffs, so anything above simple silhouettes look “off” on her IMO.