Would You Buy This Stuffed Girl’s Head?

Yes? Okay, second question: are you a serial killer? What is it like!? – HuffPo

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    • Ms. Pants

      I’m not a serial killer, unless plants count, in which case I am the most successful serial killer in the whole world. (Seriously. I could kill silk plants.)

      However, in college and just after, I decorated my apartment with styrofoam wig-heads that I painted with make up. Some had wigs, some rocked it bald. Each had a name. And they were all hung on the wall with a giant nail (which was a little gruesome). They were quirky and odd and I loved them. …Until I ate too many mushrooms on Halloween. Those bitches came down the next day and went away forever.

    • Isabel



    • Laura

      The mother of my childhood friend decorated her house with creepy dolls and even creepier masks. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had one of these in her lifetime.