Celebrate International Women’s Day by Getting with an International Man

Apparently, today is International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day may as well be like Valentine’s Day. Another pointless day that technically should be celebrated every day. I bet no one even knew it was International Women’s Day upon reading this. Women should be worshipped every damn day. We all know some of the fabulous chicas that have come before us globally to change the world and save humanity. Some are still around, and new women are popping up every day to fix the messes that men make, both on small and larger scales. So, in salute to the fabulous femmes that make the world-go-’round, here are some ways to land an international hottie on this internationally flavored day. European men are a whole new breed of man candy that most single American girls want to experience when they travel overseas. Trouble is, navigating these men can become quite tricky. European men are much different from American men. Here, we break down how to seduce a man in some of the major hotspots in Europe.

Warning: Man Candy May Not Be as Sexy in Person

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      Well I genuinely love drinking AND Mumford and Sons- so Irish it is!