These Puppies Are Fat And Hideous

Bodysnarking. It’s a rude and often demeaning remark about someone’s appearance that’s commonplace on comment threads. As someone not usually inclined to bodysnark, I don’t understand why someone would do something so mean and hurtful just to make himself/herself feel better. That being said, here are some fat fucking puppies (and stupidly skinny ones too) in terrible outfits.

(All images from Etsy)

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    • ALS

      Thank you for making me laugh on a horribly bad day :).

    • j

      You should probs credit about 75% of those to the Etsy account they came from…

    • 1955nurse

      I blame this whole trend on Paris Hilton, and all those celebs that had ‘Purse puppies’ as accessories, draggin them around like a living doll. And have you seen the PRICE on some of this crap?!?!?!? They ebven have diamond/pearl necklaces, furs (?!??!?!?) and other absurdities… why not take that $$ and give it to some children’s charity, St.Judes or another that feeds the hungry – I agree – this is over the top, a “WTF?” everytime I see it!

    • K

      there are so many things posted here (and on many other blogs) that could definitely fall under the “why not take that $$ and give it to some children’s charity” category. Before you judge others for their choices, take a look at all the stuff we, me included, purchase that might be excessive to others…dog outfits included.