In Hong Kong, You Can Have a McWedding

If you thought that buying a wedding dress at Costco was selling out your special day to a big corporation, try this Happy Meal on for size. Time reports that in Hong Kong, McDonald’s is starting to offer wedding packages.

Not only are the receptions at these nuptials delicious (although you’ll be hungry again in an hour), they’re also affordable:

…the basic Warm and Sweet Wedding Package for 50 guests goes for under $1,300. For another $165, the bride can rent a gown of pearly white balloons.

Warm and sweet, people. Warm and sweet. At any rate, the article goes on to report on all the wonderful things you can get with a McWedding: goodie bags with Happy Meal toys, a cake tower of apple pies, and a bunch of balloons.
So the question is — what would you rather have? A wedding dress from Costco, or a McWedding?
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    • elise

      Fantastic idea. With the wedding industry teetering on the absurd, it’s sort of refreshing that alternatives to the “sacred” (read: somber, serious) have come about. Sounds like a good idea for people who understand that their wedding just isn’t the event of the century that the wedding industry would have you believe. Furthermore, the price is quite right and surely it will be an affair that none of your guests will soon forget. I love it.

    • Odbery

      People from Hong Kong really love McDonald’s, over there they even deliver. If my Chinese friends are to be believed the food is better than the North American version. McWeddings don’t surprise me at all.

      Unless they’re also offering barrels of crack mayo (or whatever that stuff they put on the chicken sandwiches is) I’ll get the Costco dress.

    • Frey

      Will the wedding be after 2am? Chances are I’ll be drunk and crave a big mac meal! haha

    • Somnilee

      I am more than impressed by the idea of a cake of apple pies, I would be tempted by that anyway.

    • Brenna

      McNasty, I would definitely choose a Costco wedding dress over a Golden Arches catered wedding.

    • Chun-Yin Yu

      If McDonald’s in Hong Kong is able to run McWedding with more positive feedbacks, then McDonald’s International will have to analyze very carefully in expanding McWedding to other Asian countries. Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India will be more resistant to this idea as those countries are more conservative in terms of culture and, in lesser degree, religion, with Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India more likely to keep their weddings the conservative way. China is a communist country and so the Chinese Communist Party won’t approve this cheap wedding even though it has McDonald’s in many cities and urban towns (but not in rural towns and villages). The Philippines may find this idea worth a try as they are more open to new ideas, particularly in large cities.

      Looks like James L. Watson, author of Golden Arches East: McDonald’s in East Asia, will have a lot of homework to do in researching McDonald’s in East Asia. Over to you, Watson.

    • jump and pump

      The wedding won’t be the same in Hong Kong after all.

    • Poo Poo Niao Niao

      Now the formal wedding in Hong Kong has been completely poo-pooed. I’m wondering whether U.S. will poo-poo McWedding?