Shopping Guide: Oxfords That Will Not Make Bros Think You’re A Lesbian

Inspired by the bro we helped out yesterday – who wrongly believed that oxfords were only for lesbians - here are some super cute oxfords.

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    • Frey

      Totally Love this!!! lol

    • oja

      Some of these look more like saddle shoes than oxfords…or are they both the same thing?

    • Jenny

      Um, just so you know lesbian does not equal unfashionable. I’d rock that sparkly pair!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        pretty sure this is about as tongue in cheek as it gets.

        case in point, we’re huge fans of kate moening’s style. kim stolz too.

    • Jenna

      Where did those velvet ones come from?! Must…own…but my computer won’t let me follow the link! Would someone help me?

    • spiky

      I know I’m being a wet blanket here, but I want “bros” to think I’m a lesbian if it means they won’t bother me. “Bros” suck, gentlemen rule.