Would You Wear: Jeremy Scott’s $424 Underwear Purse

Jeremy Scott is known for his humor and irreverence, but this might be in a league of its own: the “Underpants” clutch is meant to look like a pair of men’s briefs. Actual product description: “This article has a voluntarily old-looking aspect.”

So, I would say, “Do you find this charming and funny or just ridiculous?” but apparently enough people found it charming and funny for it to sell out completely over at Colette.

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    • Melony

      I sometimes think designers just do stupid crap like this to see if women will go for it and buy them. And there will be some women that do, and then the designer will sit back and enjoy the “joke” he played and laugh for a couple of days and move on…. Of course enjoying the money he made off an underwear purse that is Ridiculously stupid!

    • Micamay

      You sound slightly paranoid melony, you also sound like you think people are always considering you when making a decision. I personally love this purse, it is hilarious commentary on how men wear their undergarments as a part of their ‘ensemble’. And how tighty whitey’s will always be funny because everyone has had them (maybe without the crotch hole) and everyone is embarassed about admiting it. Plus its a simple idea, that looks fucking snazztastic