• Thu, Mar 10 2011

Would You Wear This Polar Bear Fur?

I would, because I am tired of pretending that I am not Santa’s totally bitchin’ mistress. – Buzzfeed

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  • MelbaToast

    I think it might be made from arctic fox instead of polar bear, based on the tiny heads with tails coming out of their mouths. I might have misjudged the scale, though. Those could totally be polar bear heads if this were made for a Brobdingnagian fashion show.

  • sanneb

    Looks like ermine (otherwise known as weasels) to me. Classic Santa Claus wear, or trim for royal events. If I had the appropriate event, I’d wear weasel.

  • Kellie

    Answer: no. Why would anyone ever wear bloody animal skin? Because really, that’s what it is.