Real Talk: What Our Moms Taught Us About Beauty

We’re loving My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss. However, since TheGloss staff and all the friends of TheGloss grew up in nudist colonies and Amish villages, none of us are able to talk about our moms’ style. We are, however, able to discuss what they taught us about beauty:

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    • Danielle

      My mom was pretty hip looking in the late sixties and all through the 70′s.

    • Gabriela

      That post was disappointing.

    • Emma

      My mom was also a big time feminist, and she hated it when I wore makeup. H-A-T-E-D. Well, still hates, honestly. I no longer live near her and I recently got permanent eyeliner, which I LOVE, but the last time I visited her she kept looking at me suspiciously. She even said, “You’re wearing eyeliner, aren’t you? Why on earth did you do that?” All I said was, “Yup, because I like it.” We’re really close, but the makeup thing will always be a rift.

      She also taught me that Barbie is an airhead. (“NO WAY MOM, Barbie’s a doctor and an astronaut and she’s really smart!”) She emphasized and modeled healthy eating; she never skipped a meal and never let me skip one either, and she ate everything and went “Mm MM” while she did it. Shellfish, peaches, garden tomatoes, chocolates, everything was enjoyable and everything was good for you. I really appreciate that now; my husband’s mom is really disordered about eating. She’s on a constant diet and she NEVER enjoys food, because it’s just too emotional. Either it’s “good” and untasty, or it tastes good and “bad”. I’ll never forget how my hub’s eyes bugged out when we brought my mom home chocolates from France and she broke right into them and vocally enjoyed them. She’d been on a diet, too, for the last few months, but her diet was flexible and about losing post-surgery weight rather than a lifestyle.

      She always told me I was beautiful. She’d say I had perfect hair and perfect skin, and that I was great just the way I was. I’m her only daughter, and I hope I can be like her when I’m a mom- although I’ll be a little more flexible on the makeup front!

    • Laura

      My mom taught me the true value of a good, supportive bra. The women on both sides of my family tend to have big hips and large busts, and neither my mother nor I are exceptions to the rule. I’m generally a bargain shopper, but bras are one thing I will not skimp on. Wearing the right bra can be the difference between a good style day and a bad one.

    • emma

      Things my mom taught me about beauty:

      1. “You could eat those cookies or you could just glue them to your hips and save yourself the time.”
      2. Beauty is pain. If you want to be beautiful, you’ll have to take the pain.
      3. We won’t even get into my mom’s idea of fashion… She can dress herself but lord it’s hit or miss when she tries to dress me.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I think I would rather eat them because that sounds more delicious.

    • teetse

      My mother always dressed in quality and in classic styles, frequently wore a string of pearls and she wore a moderate amount of makeup. She was a beautiful, classy lady inside and out!