• Mon, Mar 14 2011

Video: Watch This Nice White Girl Teach Asians Some Manners

This nice white girl divides her time between library ephiphanies and being a horrible human being.

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  • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

    oooooh my god.

  • Ashley Cardiff

    she is going to regret this

  • audrey

    I’m asian! And I’m offended at the implication that– hold on, my mom’s calling me.

    [On the serious though, that was messed up.]

  • a

    dumb bitch

  • Stephanie Zhao

    Holy MF.

  • GD

    i wanna ask this stupid blondie…. what does she wanna prove….that fat blonde girls with bleached hair do go to the library…….i still dun believe tht…..and other thing….that….She goes to libraries and has epiphanies!…..WTF

  • jack

    How did this moron get into UCLA?

  • Jen Dziura

    Since no one’s posted — amazing response from musical star Jimmy Wong: