• Tue, Mar 15 2011

Gallery: The Use and Abuse of Leopard Print

Generally speaking, I think leopard print should be relegated to splashes: handbags, scarves, ballet flats, or even a shirt if paired with (for example) simple black trousers. I’m in the “always tone it down” camp though, and Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian/Aubrey O’Day are firmly not. Still, I think a bold coat or a statement-making mini can work, so long as there’s a little balance and restraint. Here’s what we consider good uses and poor abuses of leopard.

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  • Mary

    Bueller seems to be more tigery than leopard.

  • oja

    Sorry, but no…no,no,no.
    All leopard print brings to mind is lonely over the hill bar skanks who wear too much make-up…or Las Vegas.
    It doesn’t flatter any ones figure; it just makes them look shorter and wider.

  • Lexie

    Iman looks like an elegant alien gracing dowdy Planet Earth with her awesomeness. I didn’t think leopard could do that. I usually only associate it with my sister’s strapless skin-tight mini she wears with a bra…with straps…

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I agree about Chanel Iman. She looks so elegant and that is never something I think of when I think leopard print.

      Also: Have you ever considered stealing your sister’s dress and throwing it in a river?

  • mary

    the paz commentary made me laugh out loud. I have a Problem with leopard, namely, having too much of it. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T WEAR MY SNOW LEOPARD CARDIGAN WITH MY LEOPARD FLATS”

  • sheherbano

    i hate leopard print. but i kind of liked rihanna’s thing.