Why You Should Date A Younger Man

Or, if you’re in your twenties, a guy your own age! A response to our piece yesterday on why you should date older men. Younger men – better, maybe? Some of our friends (we’ve changed their names) think so:

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    • teenie

      I <3 YOUNGER MEN! (or, rather, my younger man)

      I was married to a man 6 years my senior – married him when I was 21. there was a REASON he was looking for a younger girl, and that was control. After 10 years of that hooey, I was dating again. But most single guys my age (31-32) were acting like "life-bachelors" or had lots of baggage.
      I look young, and like to go out dancing, so I ended up meeting my current beau (love love love him) – and he ended up being 6 years younger than I am.
      He is:
      -loves intellect/experience
      -does not try to control

      We've been together a year and a half, and are living together. BOOM!

    • K

      I think it really depends on what stage of life you are in, and what you are looking for. My boyfriend and I are the same age, and it works well for us. For now. It’s nice to be dating someone who is also frantically clawing through their last months of college. An older man I once dated did not understand me when I would have to tell him, “No, I can’t meet up with you tonight. I am writing 2 papers and drinking Red Bull.” Maybe it was a control thing?

      Also, young boyfriends like 80s sci-fi movies. And have nicer butts.

    • matbo

      You can grow together…well assuming you’re immature like me…

    • Gabriela

      Whoa. Out of 9 slides in this post, 4 make references to younger men being easier to control or manipulate. Does the Gloss really think we wanna be mommies to the men we’re dating? Ick. Just ICK.