Is There Such A Thing As Too Realistic?

The Windsor Knot wants to know regarding this wedding cake replica of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Answer: Yes, probably, but that’s not the case here. The case here is that this is just a deeply odd looking cake. Can we just say what we’re all thinking? What we’re all thinking is “they look like zombie stroke victims.”

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    • G

      Speaking of zombies, I would not be able to resist saying “I’m gonna eat your brains” if I had a cake like this.

    • 1955nurse

      Cutting into this would be WORSE than when they hacked into that Red Velvet “Groom’s cake” in ‘Steel Magnolias’ and it looked like the creature was bleeding!!! Wonder what KIND of cake this is…. under all that frosting?!?!?!

    • Laura

      It’s called the ‘uncanny valley’. And it’s creepy.

    • wade

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