10 Things I Don’t Understand About This “My Jeans” Video

1) Jenna Rose appears to be wearing a skirt for the vast majority of the video.

2) Is this a thing? Are the jeans supposed to signify the transformation to a better life at the end? Her life that… looks no better at the end?

3) Why do we see none of the celebrities wearing her jeans? I am skeptical.

4) Were rhinestone jeans not a popular staple at The Limited Too in 1995?

5) Did they not end in 1995?

6) Are they maybe just talking about jeans in general? Like, yes, The Black Eyed Peas do have a penchant for denim?

7) What does a blackberry have to do with anything?

8) Why not an iPhone?

9) Product placement? Also, wait, she’s driving a car. She’s 12 and driving a car.

10) Wait. Wait. What does “jack my swag” even mean? I would think it would mean “take my stuff.” So she is… encouraging people to steal her jeans?

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    • lo

      11) Why is it such a big deal that some other girl’s jeans are “so old”? Most people don’t have mommy’s credit card to buy new clothes at the slightest whim, you vapid bitch.

      Normally I wouldn’t level an insult like that at a child, but if she’s old enough to drive, she’s old enough to hear the truth.

    • matbo

      What I’m thinking is why are there all these children singing about jeans and it being friday that it’s like we’re supposed to pay attention to? Seriously. Children’s music is for children…

    • K

      Oh, she’s just a kid. Don’t worry about it.

    • MelbaToast

      For some reason this reminded me of that episode of Punky Brewster where Punky and Cherie wanted bigger boobs, and Cherie’s grandmother the nurse explained that you can’t buy bigger boobs (foolish 1980s sitcom grandmother, what do you know about buying bigger boobs?), your size is totally determined by your genes. And Punky and Cherie were really confused, because they thought nurse grandmother was saying “jeans.”

      So maybe Jenna Rose is equally confused by a biological lesson and this whole video is an allegory for breast size. If you substitute the word “boobs” for every time she says “jeans” it’s more disturbing but it actually makes a lot more sense

      • Danielle Lilly

        LOL that’s ironic considering Soleil Moon Fry had to have a breast reduction later in life.

    • aliclo

      Does she look like a female Screech from Saved by the Bell to anyone else? I’m picking up some serious Dustin Diamond facial cues.

    • Jack

      @lo: AWESOME

    • sally

      This must be another one of those vanity videos that indulgent parents purchase for their kids to sing it…it makes absolutely no sense otherwise

    • lunch109

      JENNA ROSE ”MY JEANS” i feel its a great song, its one of the many great songs written and produced by a young 14 yr. boy by the name of BABYTRIGGY”, THE BOY RAPPING IN THE VIDEO ….who started he’s own label LUNCHBOXRECORDZ@ the tender age of 12 he is a very talented kid. ARK-FACTORY did not have any affiliation.