I Don’t Care What You Say, I Like Jessica Simpson’s Clothing Line

Sure, Jessica Simpson’s clothing line is designed to make you look a little like a bobblehead. But I kind of don’t care. This swimsuit? I’d rock it.

Jessica Simpson, $96

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    • veronica higgenbottom

      Homegirl makes great shoes too. I’d be embarrased to own her music, not her clothing. It seems to be her forte.

    • Eileen

      I was just going to say her shoes are great! I have never owned stiletto pumps that were so ridiculously comfortable (seriously, I’ve run for traffic lights in them and beat out the boys wearing dress shoes – four inches, feh.)

    • marissa

      Her shoes are always awesome. I find the built in bras and denim a little too original-90210 for my tastes. Donna Martin, however, would love it! I think that’s her style icon!

    • Aj

      Right on with everyone else, I have to say her shoes are kick-ass! Never seen a pair that didn’t make me want to scrounge for the change at the bottom of my purse.