• Wed, Mar 16 2011

Should You Be Wearing Sweatpants Right Now?


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  • Sweepstaker

    That’s a cute picture up there. What’s wrong with wearing sweatpants, I’ll wear it anytime! :)

  • Charley

    My sweatpants-routine was replaced with leggings a couple years ago. I like to think its a more stylish alternative. ;)

    • Sarah

      Leggings as pants is probably the WORST fashion faux pas to ever effect the world. It’s just gross. Leggings are meant to cover you up when a tunic/dress/longer shirt is not quite long enough to be worn without risking flashing someone. They are NOT pants.

  • oja

    Maybe not banned, but there should certainly be a law against wearing them outside the house unless you plan on actually sweating (doing some sort of intense physical activity.)

  • Charley

    @ Sarah. How about it I say that I also wear knee socks over the leggings in the winter? Even more of a fashion faux pas? ;)

    And I agree 100%. But to me, leggings and an over-sized t-shirt looks infinitely better than an over-sized tee and sweat pants (neither of which would I ever wear outside of the house).

  • nonsense

    when girls wear sweatpants outside it makes them look like they have given up on life. Same goes for pajama pants. Please stop, its not a good look at all.