Tina Fey Looks Awkward and Weird On The Cover of InStyle

Poor Tina Fey. It seems like every time she lands on a magazine cover, they have a panic attack and try to make us think she’s someone completely different: someone rigid, awkward and usually unrecognizable. This month, InStyle magazine is the publication butchering her: here’s the comedienne jumping out from behind a white pole (into a fan?) that conveniently (and confusingly) slims her whole body.

I don’t get it. Tina Fey is not only righteous, talented and funny, she’s also conventionally good looking. Why not just let her look like herself?

What do you think? Is it horrible like (practically) always? Or is the cover shot maybe… even an improvement?

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    • Ghazal

      This has to be the worst one I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to use photoshop, don’t use it to remove a woman’s chest. Awful. Her Esquire cover was the best.

    • porkchop

      This reminds me of a few weeks ago when I paired a magenta charmeuce blouse with a pink satin skirt and then added a neon yellow belt. My husband was like, What the hell is the matter with you? but I insisted that I looked awesome (the blouse also had rhinestones). And I stand by that, despite the awkwardness I see here. Why did they do this to her?

    • Laura

      It would appear that Tina has shaved of her left hip for this photo shoot.

      • Laura

        Er, shaved off.