• Thu, Mar 17 2011

Retro Snap: Richard Avedon

Dovima With Pearls, Richard Avedon.

I really like this picture, but it also makes me a bit sad. Dovima is my favorite model – mostly because she loved comic books, science fiction and was generally kind of a nerdy oddball. She was one of those people who seemingly had a glorious youth only to have an obscure end (she ended up working as a restaurant hostess). Of course, she might have been quite happy doing that. But still. Surely it must have been a bit difficult to go from capering in a ballgown among the elephants to telling people it was going to be a twenty minute wait. In this picture you can see the moles and crows feet and it’s clear that she’s no longer at the height of her beauty – but the expression on her face is still so priceless that you can see why Avedon would always consider her the greatest aristocratic beauty of her day.

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