Poll: Should This Racist UCLA Student Have Been Kicked Out?

Earlier this week, we posted the video of UCLA student Alexandra Wallace making fun of Asian students, and ranting about what she claimed was their rampant use of cell phones in the library. She mocked their language, and said, among other charming things, that “I swear, they’re going through their whole families just checking on everybody from the tsunami thing…if you are going to go call your address book, you might as well go outside.”

The video turned into a bit of an internet sensation, then Wallace got some death threats, and it then came out that her dad’s a racist too, and supported Alexandra’s idea for an entire blog that made fun of Asian students using cellphones in libraries.

You’d think that it would be enough of a PR nightmare for UCLA that they’d have to kick her out, or at least discipline her. Instead, they told the LA Times today that:

“While we were appalled and offended by the sentiments expressed in the video, we have uncovered no facts to lead us to believe the student code of conduct was violated. The campus has no intention of pursuing the matter further,” UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton said in a telephone interview Friday.

So. What do you think? Did they do the right thing? Or should she have been kicked out? (Incidentally, Wallace wrote a letter today to the school’s newspaper announcing that she would no longer be attending UCLA — for “personal safety reasons.”)

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Soos

      I think she kicked herself out. Good.

    • jo

      It’s always tricky when matters of hate and freedom of speech come into play, but this girl just seems ignorant, not hateful. This obviously does not justify her actions but I am sure the internet wrath and whatever in-person wrath she’s experienced on campus has been sufficient punishment for her actions. I’m sure it’ll haunt her for years to come.
      I don’t think it’s the schools place to kick her out for something like that. How she chooses to create (or destroy) her image on the internet should be her own problem to deal with, although if she was organizing some sort of anti-asians in the library rally at UCLA, that’d be quite another story.

    • K

      Let me preface this response by clarifying that I do not agree with the young woman’s message and I think the presentation of it was entirely inappropriate.

      That being said, if she didn’t break any of the school rules, why would she be kicked out? Being kicked out of a university for a code of conduct violation is a black mark on one’s record that makes it exceedingly difficult to attain admission to another university. Were her comments bad enough that she should be banned from higher education? They were ignorant, but I believe the consequences that would have resulted from being kicked out for a code of conduct violation outweigh the idiocy of the comments.

    • a flip

      there’s nothing hateful about this. it’s not like she fabricated the incidents she’s referring to. she expressed herself in a jerky, kinda asshole’ish way. whatever. i can totally relate to her frustration with the FOBs. it’s not just annoying but embarrassing for Asians like myself when we see people who fail/refuse to assimilate or grow up.

    • epilonious

      Star Trek promised a future where we no longer fear words.

      Let’s bring that future about by seeing someone saying something stupid,/offensive/incendiary, taking it with a grain of salt, if they are actually in our presence say “wow, that’s really offensive and sort of out of line”. Even if they are our close friend. Especially if they are our close friend.

      Otherwise, move along. It doesn’t deserve the attention and the University handled it perfectly. I frankly wish they had said something like “We reserve the right for our students to be dumb and say awful things. They wouldn’t need to go to school if they already knew everything and had all the lines of social protocol down pat. Now please stop sending death threats because she said something mean you don’t like.”