We Rank (Non-Prescription) Cures For Insomnia

So, I don’t sleep very well. Usually, I spend a lot of the night contemplating Fatal Familial Insomnia, watching Archer, checking to see how many people have logged into TheGloss from Greenland that day (hi, all 10 of you! You guys are my favorites! I want us to have a pizza party! Because you made it to double digits!)  But for the past week I’ve been trying a different insomnia cure each night. They’re all natural, because I’m sure I’m the kind of person who would start sleep shopping on Ambien. Obviously, this can’t be taken as any sort of definitive study – I’m no Dr. Pierluigi Gambetti! –  but each person who recommended them to me swore they worked. And, well, some better than others, seemingly. 1 is the worst, 10 is the best.

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    • Goldie

      how long does it normally take you to fall asleep?

    • Mall

      thank you for your article i am having trouble sleeping myself and lately i give myself “sleep anxiety” every night where i worry about when i will fall asleep and end up staying awake worrying about whether or not i’m going to get a good nights rest… an endless-sleepless cycle :( i’m gonna give melatonin capsules a try.

    • Leah

      1) How can you tell how long it takes you to fall asleep? I have no concept of how long it takes me, other than “not very long”, “normal”, and “a long fucking time”.

      2) Sheep/word repetition combo – my fool proof way is to count my breaths. I think it’s kind of like the counting sheep thing, and it gets slower is your breath gets slower, and it makes me tired.

    • Ash

      You should try Melatonin with stress-relief. It really helps me sleep and stay calmer during the day. Yes, Melatonin just got better!

    • AC Sleeps A Lot

      For years I adhered to a strict routine of drinking my face off followed by ativan. I didn’t want to take sleeping pills because I learned from the package that it could cause liver damage to take them with alcohol. (…yeah, I know)
      My recent infatuation with brain function, thanks to Dr Amen books, caused me to wake up to the consequences of my lifestyle. I decided I do not want to die before I turn 30 because I have plans; so I quit drinking, try to avoid sedatives, no sleeping pills.
      To fall asleep I make a cup of kava tea using two tea bags, down it and I am gone within 20. I also incorporate brain wave entrainment (delta waves) to quiet my anxious mind but it requires sleeping with headphones.

    • Laura

      Melatonin is absolutely fantastic. You just have to remember to take it at least 7 hours before you plan on waking up.

      And I don’t know if this is true for anyone else, but I get intense dreams whenever I take it…

      • Ash

        I have crazy dreams as well. I suppose it is because it puts you in such a deep sleep.

    • michele

      i have had trouble sleeping since my sophomore year of college. ive been out of college for almost a year now and i still have trouble sleeping at a normal time. i usually fall asleep at 3 or 4am. i am going to try the meditation and the melatonin pills and see which one works best for me, if they work at all.

    • Ellen W.

      I used to take about and hour-and-a-half to fall asleep and now that’s down to about a half-an-hour and I think it’s because I walk at least 2 miles 6 days a week. Exercise didn’t help me at all until it became an “every day” thing rather than a “two-three times a week” thing. That’s my 2 cents.

    • LakeLover

      If you have the choice go for the melatonin drops instead of capsules. Make sure you give yourself enough time for a long sleep, you can be kinda groggy when you wake up. This is great for people with frequent jetlag.