What To Do About Your Toe/Nipple Hair

Well, you should get rid of it, or no one will ever love you.

Actually, you should probably do whatever you feel like to it. But maybe, what you feel like doing is “removing it.” Maybe that’s because the Aztecs didn’t have hair below their eyebrows and you want to work that look. That’s understandable. What’s not understandable is that there are no salon treatments available for toe or nipple hair! So here is how you remove it with a minimal amount of pain/ingrown hairs.

1) First off, do you have really light hair? Are you blond? You can probably trim it and no one will even notice. Try trimming it with a pair of nail scissors and see if that’s enough of a solution.

2) IF IT IS NOT – don’t try waxing. Wax can agitate some of your more sensitive areas of the skin (nipples) and will probably also make people wonder why you have a red rash in an unexpected spot right after you wax. People will think you have some sort of bizarre foot problem.

3) Few things are more exciting that just turning on Lifetime: Television For Women and plucking out your toe hairs. I don’t deny this. But it’s probably not best to just grab the tweezers and start going at it.

4) First, dip your tweezers in rubbing alcohol or anti-bacterial soap to sanitize them.

5) Then, go to the shower and shower. Put the tweezers down some place. I don’t know where. The steam will help open up your pores, so when you emerge, after you pat yourself dry, you’ll be able to pluck out the hair with less pain and less risk of the hair breaking and becoming awkwardly ingrown. As always, try to pluck in the direction the hair grows.

6) If you don’t want to shower, use a warm wash cloth.

6) Soothe with some aloe vera gel.


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    • sarahk

      Shit. Toe hair hurts, though. I have to razor that shit. BUT is it weird that I’m loving all the body hair related posts? I get kind of paranoid about what’s ‘normal’ and ‘not’ because people don’t really talk about it.

    • cnm

      No salon procedures for toe hair? Whenever I go in for a bikini or leg wax, the toes and feet get done, too. If you don’t bikini or leg wax, I’m sure if you asked them to do it, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

    • Keisha

      I love my toe beards. They’re weird and awesome. But that’s me.

    • LakeLover

      I had no idea this was a problem.

    • Rosaleigh

      I can’t imagine anything more painful than tweezing out my toe hairs. I shave my toes, (nair is useless) and keep a disposable razor stashed discretely for emergency touchups.

    • michele

      i pluck my toe hairs! its painful but not omg i feel like i am going to die sort of painful. next time i will try to do it when i get out of the shower!

    • Christina

      I use cold-wax strips for my toe & foot hair. Elsewhere I just shave, because I have a really low pain tolerance, but I can manage the fleeting pain in my toes & feet for 4 weeks of no hair. I tried shaving my toes for a while, but that’s kind of tricky – toes are not the ideal shape for shaving.