Write Part-Time For TheGloss. For Actual Money.

TheGloss is hiring a part time fashion writer to produce 4 posts a day. The posts should be related to fashion or beauty, with a funny, irreverent take on the subject. Are you that part time fashion writer? Maybe! You should probably check to see if you meet the following requirements, unless you have cool telepathy, have seen the future, and already know you belong. Either way, send an e-mail to Jennifer [at] thegloss.com with a cover letter, resume and writing samples if you are interested.

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    • Mary

      Awesome. Your office. I want to go to there.

    • C.

      You forgot “Are you good at copying articles from Jezebel?”

      • Dove

        You forgot “but being way funnier.”

    • arhakim

      I soooo wish I could :( I’m in Chicago! *crying hysterically*

    • ruby

      I have all of those things bar the little bit about New York, once i get out of this two-bit town they call Sydney you’ll be hearing from me.

    • Alexandra the Tsaritsa

      I don’t live in NYC, but I’m stylish and I blog every day. And San Francisco is a very fashion forward city!

      the Tsaritsa sez

    • Kea

      I am not that writer but I’m sending a buddy who writes a pretty rad fashion blog your way. also hi jen, I know you for real.

    • Emily

      I’d love to apply for this position but I only meet one of the qualifications (Did you curl your eyelashes differently today? Because they look a-maa-ziiing). Oh, and I guess I also know a lot about high fashion. Pheasant tops are soo hott right now.

    • Barbara E Pleasant

      I can tell you one thing that ruins any fashion photo and that’s for the woman to stand pigeon toed. I look at the photos in Star and OK magazine and you would think the photographer would pose them the proper way or at least caution about standing like a duck.

    • Gina

      *raises hand* OOOOoooOOOOooh! Pick me! Pick me! I hope you do! It would be dreamy!!

      (I emailed my resume and whatnot)

    • Mallory

      I love you guys! Obviously not applying for the position but just really excited that someone, somewhere is – and that one day soon that someone, somewhere will be someone at The Gloss. That is just a cosmically amazing thing. I am so excited about it. I hope they will be my friiiiieeeeend.

    • Rebecca

      love you guys but DUDE. 4 quality posts a day is NOT a part time job. Maybe the quality of your content would be better if you allowed for better-researched, more thoughtfully written articles.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Just a fun fact, 4 posts a day is REALLY little. Editors do 8 on average. That’s not determined by us, its determined by the publisher (who pays our salaries, health benefits, etc). That is fine – lots of sites set the standard as 10-12 a day. But if someone wants more time, they should work for a print pub. There, they’ll be paid half the salary and fetch coffee for a decade. But they’ll have a lot of time.

      • Rebecca

        Maybe so. I manage editorial for the consumer goods branch of a national magazine and even the smallest writing assignments can take more time than anticipated b/c of compliance, legal, etc. Maybe those aren’t issues with this position, though. Sounds like a cool opportunity for someone trying to break into the business.

    • Jackie

      Writing ‘For Actual Money’ in the title gives the impression you assume someone is going to be so desperate/happy to write for the gloss that they’ll accept almost no money. Especially when paired with from the Devil Wears Prada. The difference between this & that is that in the Devil Wears Prada she was working at Vogue, not to be mean, just saying its obvious what you’re trying to do and real writers don’t want to work for ‘part-time’ ‘actual real money’ we’re not stupid!