Poll: Do You Like Floral Tights?

A large part of me is saying “oh. Florals for Spring. How original.” But then I’m realizing that’s just Miranda Priestly’s voice flying out of my mouth. So – floral tights, yay, yea or nay?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Ms. Pants

      Not unless I get to be 17 years old again and wear them with a frilly dress and green docs.

    • Carrie

      I don’t mind floral tights, but certainly not with a floral dress, as picture. Double trouble.

    • Michelle S.

      Ya know, I always think at first they are cute–, but when I actually see them on someones legs I have to do a double take to make sure they don’t have a bunch of bruising and lesions – and are in fact wearing floral tights…

    • S

      God seriously, shades of 1994 all over again. I wore it then, I’ll give it a miss now and leave it to the younger morons.

    • Jenny

      Nay! That’s a one-way ticket to leprosy legs. I’m sorry. I mean Hansen’s disease.

    • jesse

      i love them. but i wear them with a neutrals. :D

    • meems

      if you are in elementary school or even middle school, sure. i dont see it being acceptable if you do not fit into those two categories. unless you are a hipster, then i guess it would be cool.

    • Jo

      In theory they’re cute, I bought a pair at primark and the flowers stretch out and look bad around my thighs. Well, apparently florals are only for girls with stick straight legs.