Poll: Has Anyone In The History Of The World Ever Used A Dental Dam?

This is what one looks like. You can now promptly forget that image because I’m pretty sure you will not be using them in the future, because no one is. No one gives a dam. But if you are, can you please come forward? And give us a little tongue waggle? By tongue waggle I mean “explain that time you used it and why.”

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • shhh

      nope, sorry. But I have always wanted to know what they look like…so thanks.

    • Meghan Keane

      I once took one out of the package during a sex ed talk and looked at it funny. I think someone also threw it across the room after lots of people had touched it.

    • Laura

      I can’t say that I’ve used one before, but I would if I was having sex with someone I didn’t know was STI free.

    • K

      I’ve used Saran Wrap. I dated a chick with herpes and she felt more comfortable with a barrier. For a while we had purple Saran Wrap which was kind of fun in a goofy way. It’s also awesome for hygienic rimming.

    • Ajkl27

      I would never fake an orgasm because I don’t see sex as something I do FOR my man, I see it as something enjoyable that we do together. So, if he gets one, I get one.
      People say “aren’t you worried you’ll hurt his feelings if you tell him he didn’t make you orgasm?” but it woud hurt my feeling if he didn’t care that I wasn’t enjoying myself.

    • chelsea

      yes, but only on teeth ;) (sorry, bad dental school joke). but seriously, we use these on patients for dental procedures, but i could not imagine using one for sex…really??

    • Elizabeth Grey

      On a related note, does anyone actually use condoms for giving blowjobs? I know you should, but I’ve never bothered…

      • Eileen

        Durex’s Green Apple flavored condoms are DELICIOUS, fyi. Not that I’ve ever used them on a penis, but it’s good to know should the appropriate situation arise ;)

      • meems

        i never have either but i also wonder the same thing!

      • Ms. Pants

        I have. And it really pissed the guy off that I insisted on it. …which ceased all blow jobs (and contact) with him after that.