Do You Like Willow Smith’s Neon Braids?

I guess there are some hairstyles you can only do when you’re young. You know, like, 11 or so. Would you try this at an age that was not “11 and a pop star?”

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    • Daniela

      I think the bigger problem here is that she appears to be wearing sweatpants.

      • A

        Hi Five!

      • Anna

        Those sweatpants are an issue.
        Her kicks are adorable, though!

    • Jamie B

      It’s fun and cute and dammit if it makes her happy then I’m glad she’s doing it. :D

    • Somnilee

      Saw a young woman on the bus the other day with sort of navy blue braided into her hair (similar style to Willow’s but shorter) and I thought it looked lovely.

    • Barbara

      Sweatpants with a furry vest!!

    • M

      Given that I am sitting here with sky blue, turquoise, pink and lavendar braids and I am 36… I think the answer would be yes.