Video: I Don’t Think “Mood Changing Nail Polish” Is An Accurate Description

Unless your mood changes drastically every time you try to wash your hands, in which case I guess you are Lady Macbeth. But you know, her mood didn’t really change that much. Well! This is confusing. A better name would be “nail polish that changes color when you dip your hands in water.” Here is the In The Mood website if you’re into that.

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    • Barbara

      My 12 year -old has something like this from a girl’s store called Justice for about $4 using their 40% off coupon. Didn’t think adults would want this. I myself had a mood ring waaay back in the day and thought it was cool!!!

    • Van3ssaG

      I actually bought a couple bottles, in devious and guilty, and tried them out- they’re really fun. You’ll need a high gloss top coat, because otherwise they look matte, but they’re fun! And why not?