• Wed, Mar 23 2011

Models Eat Cotton Balls Dipped in Orange Juice

Model and Mom

Model Sessilee Lopez’s mom,  Janice Celeste, has written a guide book for parents of aspiring mannequins called Making a Supermodel, which she self-published on Lulu.com. It sounds in part really silly (in a chapter entitled 12 Signs Your Daughter Should Become a High Fashion Model, #8 is “Everywhere she goes, people ask her if she is a model.”–thanks a million) but the final chapter is devoted to health and body image, and Celeste says:

“I’ve seen some life-threatening measures models have gone through to lose weight. Luckily my daughter has never had a weight problem that kick-boxing couldn’t solve. I personally know of one model who dipped cotton balls in orange juice and consumed it to feel full. Later it came out that she had anorexia.”

Growing up I knew a “girl who knew a girl” who was a ballerina and possibly maybe died from a cotton ball diet. I always figured this was just an urban legend. No?

(via Fashionista)

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  • curlysarah29

    Ballerinas do this same thing… paper eating is another thing they do to stay thin. I never went to this extreme, but it doesn’t surprise me.

  • J

    Is there an “office products” cookbook?

    • Donna

      hahahaha +1

  • ALS

    As a therapist, I’ve had a couple of clients in practice that have eaten cotton balls to stay full.

  • Eileen


    The part of me that used to be anorexic is really wondering if that works.

    The normal, rational part of me thinks that’s really awful.

    • M

      Nice to know I’m not the only one with a stifled unhealthily underweight girl inside of her going ‘Oh man why didn’t I think of that.’

      My relatively-new-found external fat girl just wants to eat more, because stories about these sorts of things just make me remember why I love food and how much my life sucked when I didn’t eat. Probably why I got fat instead of healthy. Oops.

    • Eileen

      So glad I’m not alone…’cause there’s seriously a part of me eyeing the cotton balls on my shelves. I think I’ll go have an actual orange instead.

  • colette

    Didn’t people also do this to get out of fighting in Vietnam? How fucked up is it that gaining weight has become comparible to dodging grenades in Beirut?

    • Sophie

      Beirut is the capital oh Lebanon, which is on a whole other continent than Vietnam.

    • Really, Sophie?

      F is the second letter of “of,” which is a whole other word than “oh.”

  • miinxi

    cant you like… DIE? doing that?

    • Leila

      YES. Not only can any poor diet recommended by idiots cause you to get very sick but cotton ball diets have the potential to cause bowel obstructions.

  • TB

    I suffer from Bambakomallophobia (fear of cotton wool – no joke) so regular chocolate for me it is…

  • oja

    I know for a fact that people do this; a lot of the girls in the weightloss community I’m a membert of on Livejournal do it

  • ginger

    Eating just apple sauce and drinking coffee work just as well and less likely to kill you.

    • Leila

      It will also make you extremely malnourished.

  • seafield

    Eat all the food you want but don’t like. problem solved

  • Leila

    If these women actually ate healthy FOOD in small portions 3-5 times a day, they wouldn’t have to resort to these extreme diets. Not eating is what slows your metabolism and makes your muscles atrophy and sag.

  • Nancy

    i know its not healthy but the anorexic me really wants to try it.

  • mandy

    Cotton wool? Won’t that cause obstructuons? Downright dangerous.

  • minaj

    lol imma try it (: