The ‘Daily Mail’ Is Obsessed With Kate Moss’ Cellulite, Can Suck It

Kate Moss made a splash when she hit the Fall 2011 Louis Vuitton runway in hot shorts with a cigarette in hand. I love seeing Moss on runways, in editorials, in campaigns, etc, because she’s a great model (you can’t have 20 year career if your only skill is being really skinny) and her face remains extraordinary. But the Daily Mail made the above graphic with the headline, “One of these women is 26, another is 56 and a third is Kate Moss…so which is which?” This is not the first (or the second) instance of the Daily Mail being assholes to Moss. Moreover, 1) this could just as easily be bad lighting, 2) who cares? and 3) what purpose does this serve?

Please tell me this shit annoys other people, too.

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    • MNiM

      Well, the Daily Mail is called the “Daily Fail” for a reason.

      And if I were Kate Moss, I might be annoyed. (Further, I think that it’s mean spirited to use her image in this way without her active and willing permission.)

      But — in answer to number three — it is interesting that you can’t tell (or at least I can’t) which one is Moss. Yes it could be bad lighting, and it doesn’t matter if it is or not, because she’s still a great model, and a beautiful looking woman.

      In a sense, the picture serves as a reminder that models do not look in reality like they do in photos — and, simultaneously, this pictures also serve as a reminder that modeling is not about being physically perfect (no one is — before Photoshop there were makeup and lightening tricks), but involves rather more than simply looking good in skimpy clothes.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        The problem is that there’s a need to be reminded. All the editing and trickery that goes into fashion images these days is horrible. Every time I walk past a major model in New York, the response is always the same, “Wow, she’s pretty.” Models look like striking or beautiful women in person, they never look superhuman like they do in fashion magazines.

        Except Daria Werbowy. She is fucking flawless.

      • joanntheredhead

        Ha! Ha! “Daily Fail”!!!

    • oja

      Nothing pisses me off more than when snarky people look at a woman who is more beautiful than most of us will ever be and go “but look at this one minor flaw on this one part of her body, gross! why would she even leave the house looking like that?”
      how pathetic do you have to be to actually spend that much time scrutinizing, not to mention writing about, someone else’s ass?